What our clients say

I am from the UK but it was cheaper for me to fly to the Philippines and do an Adobe Premiere course rather than attend one in my own country. Anyhow I am very glad I did as the tutor

Tim Wills
Takeaway Systems

First of all I want to thank Sir Henry for the amazing lecture. The 3-day seminar was worth it! His training methodology is excellent that even the most technical topics are easily understood. Time flies so fast during the training

Samuel Sanchez
Date Unlimited

I’m glad I attended your 3-day Adobe Photoshop CS5 workshop. You taught hands-on, the basic tools plus so many more powerful in-depth techniques that will be used on a regular basis. Thanks for covering so much useful information! Continue the

George W. Dawkins
Photographer, U.S.A.

Just completed a 3-day intensive Adobe Photoshop CC Training from one of the best (if not THE BEST) trainers that I had. Mr Henry Ong is an excellent SME. He is a professional photographer who has the talent in teaching

Chu Salvador

I have never seen a dedicated and passionate IT Trainer like Sir Henry, his advocacy to provide quality education to those people who are not fortunate to study in expensive universities and other training schools. It was an eye opener

Heherson Bugante
IT Administrator, Blaine Corp.

Thank you Mr. Henry Ong for sharing your tips and techniques about building a WordPress website. I honestly say that I have never encountered such a great trainer even when I was in College. He teaches very well and he

Joy Burac

Thank you for the professional, comprehensive and excellent training plus the extra looo0ng hours. Very passionate teacher,well knowledgeable and experienced in web development. All topics listed in the course outline are well discussed with good hands-on training! He will share

Lala Limpo
Multimedia Specialist,Dubai, U.A.E.

I have attended short courses on IT in the past but this one is superb. Mr. Ong, being an industry practitioner, tackled extensively important features and functions of WordPress CMS and gave us real world exercises in web design and

Ramon Herce Jr.
Real Estate Broker

I have no background in website development but Sir Henry created a huge impact on me to shift to web development as a priority hobby. He is one of those rare trainers who has the passion for teaching and never

Bright Mind Learning Center

Mr. Henry Ong II is a very knowledgeable and accommodating instructor. His training sessions is very well organized and updated with latest information. He also has a great way of letting participants really focus on important matters and let us

Brian Lucero
Entrepreneur. Boston, MA, USA

It was my first time to attend Sir Henry’s training and I find it really awesome! Two thumbs up! I learned a lot of new things about Photoshop CS5. His way of teaching is not the classroom type of teaching,

Lester Barretto

Hi Henry! Thanks for the WordPress training. I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m not really a technical person, and got quite surprised when you made me understand CMS Web Development. Now I can design, manage, and improve a website!

Mini Anlacan
Owner, Business Coach

An enlightening training in a league of their own! An eye opener, for new possibilities and into the future! Hats off to mr. Henry N. Ong II.

Jay Jay Sulit
Teammanager at TREC Global