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Java Programming Essentials

The language for building scalable and secure applications.

Course Overview

Join our comprehensive Java programming training in the Philippines. This course is expertly crafted for newcomers, offering a strong grasp of Java’s fundamentals, syntax, and best coding practices. Upon completion, you’ll be fully prepared to create Java applications with confidence.

In-Person | Physical

4 Days | 9am - 7pm

Basic to Intermediate

Unlimited Retakes

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Basic Computer knowledge and Skills in PC or Mac.
  • Basic understanding of programming concepts: Familiarity with basic programming concepts such as variables, data types, loops, and functions is essential for understanding Java.
  • Java is an object-oriented programming language, so it may require some basic understanding of OOP principles such as classes, objects, and inheritance.
  • Having some experience with other programming languages like C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP can be beneficial as it aids in grasping Java’s syntax and concepts.
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Training references (PDF)
  • Exercise materials
  • Some add-ons
  • Free trainer consultation
  • Unlimited Free Retakes

Unlimited Retakes = Unlimited Hours of Learning!

We understand that individuals have different learning styles and paces, that’s why we offer the opportunity to learn at your own speed. If you need more time to grasp a concept, you are welcome to come back and retake the class at no additional cost. We believe in providing students with the support they need to succeed.

To Avail: Finish the course to qualify for the unlimited refresher classes

Validity: 1 Year

The Java Programming Essentials course is designed for individuals who are beginners or have limited experience in Java programming. The target students include:

  1. Beginners in Programming: Those who are new to the field of programming and want to start learning with Java as their first language.
  2. Students or Academic Learners: Individuals pursuing academic studies, such as students in computer science or related fields, who need to acquire a foundational understanding of Java programming.
  3. Career Switchers: Professionals from other disciplines looking to transition into a career in software development and wanting to build a solid foundation in Java.
  4. Self-learners and Enthusiasts: Individuals who enjoy self-paced learning and have an interest in programming, specifically in Java.
  5. Entry-Level Software Developers: Those seeking to enter the software development industry and considering Java as their primary programming language.
  6. Technology Enthusiasts: Individuals with a keen interest in technology and programming, aiming to add Java to their skill set.
  7. Anyone Interested in Java: The course is open to anyone curious about Java programming, regardless of their background or current skill level.

Java is a well-known programming language used in developing sophisticated desktop applications from simple to enterprise level application. This course focus on understanding the object-oriented concept of Java programming and object-oriented design applications using hands-on activities. With Java’s exceptional architecture it will enable programmers and developers to produce a cross-platform application effectively. Using Java’s support for GUI will let programmers design an industry standard window based application seamlessly.

  1. Versatility: Java is used for web development, Android app development, enterprise software, and more.

  2. Strong Community: A large and active community provides support and resources.

  3. High Demand: Java developers are in demand, making it a valuable skill in the job market.

  4. Platform Independence: Write once, run anywhere (WORA) capability due to its cross-platform compatibility.

  5. Object-Oriented: Teaches essential programming principles, aiding in learning other languages.

  6. Robust and Secure: Java’s design emphasizes reliability and security.

  7. Abundant Libraries: Access to extensive libraries and frameworks for development.

  8. Longevity: Java has been around for decades and remains relevant in modern tech.

  9. Career Opportunities: Java expertise opens doors to various job roles and industries.

  10. Learning Foundation: It provides a strong foundation for learning other languages.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to Java 
  • System Requirements 
  • Setting-up Java Environment 
  • Getting started 
    • Printing output 
    • Reading input 
    • Variables 
    • Calculating with numbers 
    • Conditional statements 
    • Recurring problems and patterns to solve them 
    • Repeating functionality 
    • More loops 
    • Methods and dividing a program into smaller parts 
    • Discovering errors 
    • Lists 
    • Arrays 
    • Strings 
    • Trivia: Programming in our society 
  • Object-oriented Programming I 
    • Introduction 
    • Objects in a list 
    • Files and reading data 

Day 2

  • Recap 
  • Object-oriented Programming II 
    • Overloading methods and constructors 
    • Primitive and reference variables 
    • Objects and references 
    • Objects on a list and a list as part of an object 
    • Separating the user interface from program logic 
    • Trivia: Complex programs 
  • Programming paradigms and algorithms 

Day 3

  • Recap 
  • Object equality 
  • Class inheritance 
  • Interfaces 
  • Object polymorphism 
  • Streams 
  • Comparable Interface 
  • Packages 
  • Exceptions 
  • Processing files 
  • Type parameters 
  • Multidimensional data 

Day 4

  • Recap 
  • Graphical user interfaces 
  • UI components and their layout 
  • Event handling 
  • Multiple views 
  • Working with Database 
  • Creating Tables 
  • Adding, Updating, Deleting and Reading records from the database tables. 


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