Online – Live Interactive Class

Course Coverage: Basic to Advance

Course Duration:

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Workstation: Desktop / Laptop
  • Communication Device: Headset with Microphone and Web Camera
  • Operating System: Windows 10 / Mac OS 10.13 or higher
  • Gmail Account


  • Adobe InDesogn CC 2019 or 2020
  • Adobe Bridge CC 2019 or 2020

Communication Platform

  • Google Meet
  • Google Classroom (Assignment submission)

Course Overview

Adobe InDesign is the successor to Adobe’s own PageMaker. InDesign is the industry-standard application for print and digital publications widely used by interactive designers, digital designers, eBook and ePub Designers. Great for creating PDF documents, digital magazines, ePUBs, and any print related projects.


  • Basic computer knowledge and skills in Mac or PC.
  • Working knowledge in any graphic designing applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw is required.
  • Printing experience is an advantage.


  • Unlimited Refresher Class (Validity : 1 year)
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • References Materials (PDF)
  • Software Evaluation Copy
  • Other Add-ons

Course Outline

Workspace and Tool Overview

  • Understanding the Application window
  • Navigating pages
  • Zooming and magnifying
  • Setting rulers and measurements
  • Saving time by making workspaces
  • Setting the view quality of artwork
  • Using the Tool panel
  • Learning and editing keyboard shortcut
  • Overview of Individual Tools

Creating a Document

  • Creating new documents
  • Saving and reverting documents
  • Using multiple Undo and Revert
  • Setting margin and column guides
  • Using ruler guides
  • Overview in Bleed
  • Bleeding colors or images off the side of the pagel

Managing Pages

  • Inserting, deleting, and moving pages
  • Changing page size
  • Adding page numbering
  • Creating and applying master pages
  • Overriding master page items


  • Understanding text frames
  • Typing and editing
  • Filling with placeholder text
  • Inserting special characters
  • Importing text
  • Putting text on a path
  • Checking spelling
  • Using Find/Change


  • Importing graphics
  • Using the Links panel
  • Embedding links
  • Turning image layers on and off

Formatting Objects

  • Selecting objects
  • Applying basic strokes and fills
  • Using advanced strokes
  • Adjusting transparency
  • Adding drop shadows
  • Applying feathering
  • Copying formatting with the Eyedropper tool
  • Making polygons and starbursts


  • Creating color swatches
  • The danger and power of unnamed colors
  • Creating gradient swatches
  • Applying gradients

Managing Objects

  • Managing objects in the Layers panel
  • Adding rounded corners and other corner options
  • Grouping objects
  • Locking objects
  • Understanding text wrap

Transforming Objects

  • Duplicating objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Scaling objects
  • Mirroring objects

Character Formatting

  • Applying basic character styling
  • Applying advanced character formatting
  • Changing case
  • Using Find/Change for text formatting
  • Using Find Font

Paragraph Formatting

  • Applying formatting to a paragraph
  • Spanning a paragraph across multiple columns
  • Splitting a paragraph into multiple columns
  • Using drop caps
  • Adjusting text hyphenation
  • Adding automatic bullets


  • Creating and applying paragraph styles
  • Using object styles


  • Creating a table
  • Adjusting rows and columns
  • Formatting a table
  • Adding headers and footers
  • Applying table styles


  • Checking your document with the Preflight panel

Packaging, Printing, and Exporting

  • Packaging for output
  • Exporting a PDF
  • Exporting an interactive PDF


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Course Fee

Php 8,500 Course Fee
Php 1,000 less New Student Discount
Php 1,500 less Alumni Discount
Php 8,500 Course Fee

Php 1,000 less New Student Discount
Php 1,500 less Alumni Discount

Package Discounts

Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator
2 Course Package

Php 18,000 Original Price
Php 3,000 less Package Discount

Php 15,000 Discounted Price
Adobe Photoshop + InDesign
2 Course Package

Php 17,500 Original Price
Php 3,000 less Package Discount

Php 14,500 Discounted Price
Adobe Photoshop + CorelDraw
2 Course Package

Php 17,500 Original Price
Php 3,000 less Package Discount

Php 14,500 Discounted Price

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