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Mobile App Development

We speak app-fluently. Let’s build yours.

To show how much we value our client’s investment, we at Inventive Media have developed a perfect formula to ensure the success of our client’s website.

Brief Consultation with the team

Discussion about your desired project is the main focus for this step. You can consult our designer or the development team to define the project, discuss the objective, plans and the content of your project. In this step you can determine if your idea is feasible, can be successful and what expectations you should have for time and budget.


We do planning based on the information we’ve gathered from you. Information architecture must be developed in this point, Information architecture consists of two components User flow and Blueprints. User flow is the outlines of how the features of the app will interconnect perhaps it is the story of the app. Blueprints happen next and it is a critical part of the process for blueprints are the sketches of every screen of the app like where buttons will go, where the text will be laid out, and what the screens will look like. Inventive Media takes into consideration what everything will look like.


After planning is complete, you’ll typically start the design phase. In design, we take the blueprints and bring them to life by coloring them in: colors, styling, fonts, gradients etc. will really nail down the look and feel of your app. Exploring the scope and potential of your app will give us a framework for future development, with a consistent user experience and visual styling to match. Once you’re happy with the visual design, you’ll move onto the development stage.


Development is simply taking the designs and making them functional. In this stage it is essential for the client to have a regular communication with us for you to be updated in the progress of the project and to avoid any mistakes. We don’t throw people at the problem. We don’t parcel out work to other organisations either. We do get it built as efficiently as possible.


Testing is not as easy as it may seem, and proves unreliable when done ad-hoc by a third-party. It requires attention to detail and a knack for finding every possible issue. Beta testing is done when the app is already finished wherein your app will undergo various environments and conditions to make sure that your app isn’t released with major bugs or crashes, and that real users are comfortable with using the app.


Your app is now finished, tested and ready to launch. The process of publishing your app to the app store can sometimes take a couple of weeks because App store submissions and distribution environments can be a headache to navigate and manage like on iOS, Apple manually reviews each app submission and may ask you to make changes before publishing it.