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Inventive Media Joins Digital Horizons at Globe Business Event

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Panglao, Bohol, Philippines – September 12, 2023 — Inventive Media, Philippine’s well-trusted IT and Computer Training Center, left an indelible mark at the highly anticipated Globe Business event, “Digital Horizons: Trailblazing the Future of Tourism and Travel for MSMEs.” Held against the stunning backdrop of Modala Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines, on September 7, 2023, this event marked the second installment of the “Digital Horizons” regional roadshow. Its mission? To illuminate the evolving journey of travelers, underscore the profound impact of digitalization in the travel industry, and unveil Globe Business’ digital solutions tailored for MSMEs in the Tourism and Food Service sectors.

At the heart of this enlightening event was Jhon Mariano, the Digital Marketing Trainer at Inventive Media and the Digital Director at ShoreMarketing. Mariano took the stage to deliver a captivating presentation titled “Experiential Marketing: Hospitality Online Marketing in 2023 and Beyond.” Her insightful talk navigated the seven stages of the customer journey within the hospitality industry, expertly illustrating how businesses can harness various online marketing channels at each stage to effectively tap into their target market.

Mariano’s presentation wasn’t just a short lecture; it was an eye-opening discussion for MSMEs in the tourism and food service sectors, presenting different online marketing channels to thrive in the digital age. The talk reached its crescendo with the introduction of cutting-edge AI marketing tools, providing SMEs with a powerful arsenal to enhance their online marketing tactics.

The audience, comprising industry professionals and enthusiasts, warmly embraced Mariano’s expertise. Engaging in a lively Q&A session, attendees had the chance to delve deeper into growth hacking tactics, algorithm updates, and the latest trends in digital marketing. Sharing the stage with Mariano was the renowned vlogger, Carl Chuidian, who added his unique insights to the discussion, enriching the experience for all participants.

The event’s significance was further elevated through the generous sponsorship of Philippine Airlines and the strategic partnership between Globe Business, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and GoNegosyo. These collaborative efforts unlocked a new realm of possibilities for MSMEs in the tourism and hospitality sectors, offering them unprecedented opportunities to expand their businesses through online means.

In alignment with this mission, Inventive Media is thrilled to announce its interest in partnering with Globe Business to offer free Digital Marketing Fundamentals training to Globe Business customers. This invaluable training will be conducted by none other than Jhon Mariano herself, further solidifying Inventive Media’s commitment to empowering businesses and Filipinos in the digital age.

Jhon Mariano, Digital Marketing Trainer at Inventive Media, expressed her enthusiasm for the event and the upcoming training program, stating, “Digital Horizons showcased the immense potential in the hospitality industry’s online marketing landscape. It was an honor to share insights and engage with fellow industry professionals. Our future partnership with Globe Business to offer free training reflects our dedication to empowering MSMEs on their digital journey.”

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