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The testimonials posted on this page were extracted from the various feedback our center had received from OLX.ph and Tipidpc.com

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Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez
Date Unlimited

First of all I want to thank Sir Henry for the amazing lecture. The 3-day seminar was worth it! His training methodology is excellent that even the most technical topics are easily understood. Time flies so fast during the training and there are no dull moments (Lively siya magturo)... sa dami ng techniques na itinuturo niya at haba ng hands-on time ang student ang susuko... haha!

Sir Henry's approach is tailorfit to the need of each student, sisiguraduhin niyang naiintindihan mo at kaya mong maideliver right after kahit wala kang technical background, basta marunong lang gumalaw ng mouse at ng basic computer operation hehe. Si Sir Henry mapagbigay yan sa secrets and tips 🙂

I think he can be called a "Photoshop Guru". First time ko naka-encounter ng computer/multimedia trainor na for me sobrang effective magturo (Na-reretain talaga sa utak mo). Ang iba kasi napaka technical magturo, hindi marunong ng layman's approach. Lahat ng pasikot sikot sa PS alam niya (No doubt he's a beta tester of Adobe). I learned to read the histogram, "proper" masking (Ibang adobe user at event trainors incorrect masking ang alam), and a lot more...

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Heherson Bugante
I.T. Administrator, Blaine Corp.

I have never seen a dedicated and passionate IT Trainer like Sir Henry, his advocacy to provide quality education to those people who are not fortunate to study in expensive universities and other training schools. It was an eye opener for me when i attended series of training sessions from him and i say "worth it and makes a lot of sense " he will never let you go out of his classroom until you understand what he is teaching in fact we finished our session until 12 midnight, he has so many things to share, so many knowledge to impart to us. I have learned a lot. Lastly he was one of the trainers who helped me to hone my skills and brought me to where i am now.

-Mark Zuckerburg 🙂 lol

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Joy Burac

Thank you Mr. Henry Ong for sharing your tips and techniques about building a Wordpress website. I honestly say that I have never encountered such a great trainer even when I was in College. He teaches very well and he is not just an ordinary teacher or trainer but he is an excellent one. For those people who are not that technical savy or techy persons, you will definitely change the outlook on how computer programming and developing works because of his teaching approach. He also knows how to adjust on his student's ability to understand, pace and knowledge. He even explains some computer terms in a layman's term or the easiest term in order his students understands him.

I am planning to enroll again maybe in few months or so to learn more. I definitely recommend his school and Mr. Henry Ong. More power!

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Johnson Chong

thank you very much for the comprehensive and clear training. this guy is one great instructor! initially i thought his positive feedbacks were bogus, but after attending his training, i knew i am wrong. he really has the passion, knowledge and more importantly the ability to teach. highly recommended!

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Bright Minds Learning Center

I have no background in website development but Sir Henry created a huge impact on me to shift to web development as a priority hobby. He is one of those rare trainers who has the passion for teaching and never leaves his students behind. Definitely, let us support this trainer by spreading the word and help extend the life of his charity work. Let us support his dream of building an academy for IT and multimedia training because we want that his skills and talent be shared to the Filipino who wants to be globally competitive. You will learn a lot and he shares not just the quality materials, techniques, tips but also trade secrets in developing a good website design.

Thank you very much Sir! Will definitely spread the word and your reputation indeed precedes you.

Guys, you'll miss a chance of a lifetime if you hadn't undergone any training with Mr. Henry Ong II, a professional trainer at its best.