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This 4 days course will cover the Ruby language and Ruby on Rails. The course will begin by covering the Ruby programming language in depth. The first part of the course will deal with the basics of ruby, before moving to Ruby on Rails.


  • Learn Ruby fundamentals
  • Learn how to install and configure Ruby, and RoR
  • To be able to program using the major components of Rails, including Active Record, Action Controller, and Action View
  • Explore the Model-view-Controller architecture for server-side applications
  • Creation of a data-driven application using Ruby on rails.


Though Ruby and RoR can be the first programming language and web framework that can be studied by anyone, basic knowledge of any programming language such as mentioned below are required

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript is an advantage


  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • References Materials (PDF)
  • Software Evaluation Copy
  • Other Add-ons

Course Outline

    1. Ruby Essentials
      • Introduction to Ruby
      • Ruby Installation
      • Ruby Variables and their scopes
      • Methods
      • Ruby Array
      • Operators
      • Control Structures
      • Loops
      • String
      • Dates and Time in Ruby
      • Object oriented programming in Ruby
    2. Introduction to Ruby
      • What is Ruby on Rails
      • Development in Ruby on Rails
      • Rails Components
      • Model-Veiw-Controller Architecture in RoR
      • RoR Installation
      • Creating a Projects
      • RoR Directory Structure
    3. Active Record Basics
      • Naming Convention
      • Creating Active Record Model
      • CRUD: Data Management
      • Validations
      • Callbacks
      • Migrations
    4. Migration
      • Creating a Standalone migration
      • Model Generators
      • Writing a Migrations
      • Running Migrations
      • Changing Existing Migrations
      • Seed Data
    5. Validations
      • Validation basics
      • Validation Helpers
      • Common Validation Options
      • Callbacks
    6. Associations
      • Types of Association
    7. Query Interface
      • Retrieving objects from the database
      • Conditions
      • Ordering
      • Limit and Offset
      • Joins
      • Dynamic Finders
      • Method Chaining
      • Layouts and Rendering
      • View form helper

Course Fee: P15,000

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Less: P3,000

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Less: P2,000

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