Our Business

Inventive Media has become one of Philippine’s top hands-on learning hub for digital media, website development and computer networking. The company has become a leader in cutting-edge technology solutions and services provider, specializing in various services such as graphic designing, corporate branding, web development, mobile app development, network server installation, structured cabling, and CCTV installation.

How it all started…

“Teaching has always been my passion! It is an addiction which made it more difficult to remove from my system.

For several months, I have had this terrible itch to finally get back to teaching and training after my departure from my previous company working as a QA Manager/Training Supervisor. I had to assist my ailing father in managing the family business.

Now I have finally decided to scratch that itch, taking my hobby closer to home and that is the reason why I am now doing what most people think would be crazy of doing. And believe me when I say that There is nothing crazy about helping another soul.

My dream is to someday offer free education the moment I get proper funding from people or companies that would be willing to help and support my cause. For now, the best I could do is offer a cost effective Boot Camp training/tutorial program that will be affordable to all.

Making Education affordable is already a huge step in making education available to all classes of society and this is where I chose to make my contribution.

Let us support education and not restrict it!”

– Henry Ong II, Founder and CEO, Inventive Media