Our Advantage


We our committed to our goal in making education affordable. With that in mind, we specifically designed our training programs to be rigorous but at same time cost-effective without compromising quality.

The courses offered at our center are 30 – 60% cheaper compared to the other schools and centers offering the same courses.

Quality Education

At Inventive Media, the students to trainer ratio is limited to 10 : 1 for any given course to effectively ensure that everyone gets the attention he or she deserves. We take extra steps in monitoring the progress of each student and adjust the pace of our training to their ability to accept and process information. We greatly value the time spent by our students in our center that’s why we make sure they have gained as much information as possible from the course they enrolled.

The principal language used for our training courses is English.

Certified and Experienced Trainers

In pursuit of quality, we at Inventive Media guarantees that all training courses offered at our center are only carried out by qualified and experienced professionals who have worked in their specialized fields for many years.

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Licensed Applications

In compliance to the requirements of the Bureau of Software Alliances, we at Inventive Media made sure to only use licensed applications from our Windows Operating System down to our Multimedia Applications such as Adobe and Corel. On the other other hand, applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, MySQL, PFSense are all Open-source and do not require licenses.

Free Re-attendance

Staying true to our cause and in our commitment to quality, Inventive Media is extends “Free Refresher Courses” to former attendees to help maintain the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their training.

Refresher courses are limited only to the same course and platform version that an attendee had previously enrolled. Validity for claim is 1 year from the date of the training.