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Course includes HTML5 , CSS3 and introduction to Bootstrap

At the heart of every website is an HTML script. Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML, is the standard markup language used to creating web pages. It is the basic building blocks or framework on how each every website on the internet is built.

Contrary to common misconceptions, HTML and CSS is in fact very easy to learn. For aspiring Web Developers and Designers, HTML is a prerequisite to other important web platform/languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, XML, Angular JS, etc.

Why should I learn HTML when I can easily make a website using a WYSIWYG Editor (Dreamweaver, FrontPage) or CMS Program (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)?

  • Can be used in customizing downloaded themes/templates
  • Can be used in building themes/templates
  • Can be used in fixing common code errors
  • Can be used in customizing extensions
  • Can be used in embedding features to your WYSIWYG or CMS Websites
  • And more…

This Training is for:

  • Aspiring Web Developers
  • Aspiring Web Designers
  • People who are about to start a personal or business website
  • People who would like to further customize their CMS based websites

Why Train with Us?

  • The Pioneer of CMS Web Development Training in the Philippines

    This is where it all started… Our C.E.O/Founder “Henry N. Ong II“ is highly recognized as the pioneer of CMS Web Development Training in the Philippines, and Inventive Media has been offering CMS courses since 2006.

  • Unmatched Credibility and Experience

    About 85% of Government Websites running on CMS got their training from us, such agencies includes: Malacanang, PHIVOLCS, NEDA, DOE, LTO, PNP, Philippine Navy, PCSO, PAGCOR, Bureau of Immigration, etc.

  • The Most Complete CMS School in the Philippines

    The only training center that offers a wide range of CMS Web Development courses (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop & osCommerce)

  • Unlimited Free Refresher Course

    In-line with our mission statement, students who have previously attended this course are automatically entitled to a refresher course free of charge.

    Limitation: The refresher course is limited only to the same course & course version that you have taken.
    Validity: 1 year

  • Basic computer knowledge and skills in Mac or PC.
  • Background in any graphic design application can be an advantage. Although not required.
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • References Materials (PDF)
  • Software Evaluation Copy
  • Other Add-ons

Course Outline


  • What is HTML?
  • Understanding Common HTML Terms

Structure basics

  • Elements
  • The Head
  • The Body
  • Syntax and semantics
  • Setting up the HTML document structure

Website Project 1

  • Lists
  • Colors
  • Attributes


  • Paragraph and break tags
  • Title, heading, and strong tags


  • Relative Links
  • Absolute Links
  • Attributes
  • Styling Links


  • Putting an image on a page
  • Uploading images
  • The alt attribute
  • Images as links

More HTML structure

  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Divs
  • Spans

What is CSS?

  • Inline styling
  • Setting up an external stylesheet

Understanding CSS syntax

  • CSS properties
  • CSS selectors
  • Class vs IDs

The box model

  • Margins
  • Padding
  • Borders and styling

Website Project 2

  • Images as background
  • Styling images
  • Fonts
  • Layout
  • Positioning
  • Inheritance


  • Creating a table
  • Headers and rows
  • Captions
  • Spanning multiple columns
  • Styling tables
  • Tables and forms

Standards and validation

  • Common HTML and CSS mistakes
  • Code validation
  • Accessibility Standards
  • Google HTML style guide
  • Google CSS style guide

Introduction to Bootstrap (Bonus)

  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Adding the Bootstrap and Jquery library
  • Integrating Bootstrap and Jquery
  • Using the grid design pattern
  • Using Bootstrap’s custom classes
  • Using Bootstrap’s typography
  • Using Glyphicon icons
  • Using Styled Buttons

Final words and advice

Course Fee: P8,500

Returning Student Discount

Less: P1,500

New Student Discount

Less: P1,000

HTML5, CSS3 with Bootstrap
PHP with MySQL
2 Course Package

Course Fee: P20,500

Package Discount

Less: P5,000

Total Discounted Price


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