Training Details

Duration: 4 Days
Time: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Course Overview

Code Igniter is a popular and powerful open-source PHP web framework created for developers for use in building dynamic websites and web based applications using the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.


  • Must be proficient with PHP and MySQL.
  • Must be proficient in both HTML and CSS.
  • Must have working knowledge with MVC (Model – View – Controller).


  • Unlimited Refresher Class (Validity : 1 year)
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • References Materials (PDF)
  • Software Evaluation Copy
  • Other Add-ons

Course Outline

PHP Codeigniter

  • Introduction to framework
  • Introduction to CodeIgniter
  • Web-server architecture
  • CodeIgniter installation
  • CodeIgniter configuration
  • Config Class, Database Config, Explanation of MVC Architecture
  • Helpers
    • CI Helpers
    • Creating our own helpers
  • Libraries
    • Using CI libraries
    • Creating your own library
  • First CI Application
  • Loader Class, Libraries,
  • Creating Static Pages, Creating First Controller, Model & View

Code Igniter URLs

  • URI Routing
  • Passing Parameters in URLs, URI Class
  • Callbacks

Form Handling

  • The file and form helpers
  • Input Class
  • Form Validation Class
  • File Uploading Class
  • Security Class
  • Page Redirect

Helper Functions

  • Cookie Helper
  • Date Helper, Download Helper
  • URL Helper


  • Configuring Database,
  • Connecting to a Database,
  • Running Queries,
  • Generating Query Results,
  • Query Helper Functions
  • Field Data

Active Record Class

  • Selecting Data
  • SELECT All Columns in All Rows
  • SELECT Specific Columns
  • Sorting Records
  • Sorting By a Single Column
  • Sorting By Multiple Columns
  • Sorting By Column Position
  • Ascending and Descending Sorts
  • WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols
  • Checking for Equality
  • Checking for Inequality
  • Checking for Greater or Less Than
  • Checking for NULL
  • Date Range
  • Inserting Data
  • Updating Data
  • Deleting Data
  • Method Chaining

Session handling

  • Session Class
  • Pagination Class
  • Pagination of large data
  • Caching

Email Class

  • Sending Emails using CI, SMTP, Google

File Uploading Class

  • Image Manipulation Class
  • Resize Image, Aspect Ratio
  • Security Class and CAPTCHA Helper

Migration Class

  • Creating a Migration
  • Migration Preference and Class Reference

Report Generation

  • Generate PDF file
  • Generate XLS file


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Course Fees & Discounts

Php 12,000 Course Fee

Php 2,000 less New Student Discount
Php 3,000 less Alumni Discount
Php 12,000 Course Fee
Php 2,000 less New Student Discount
Php 3,000 less Alumni Discount

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