Adobe Flash Professional CC

Adobe Flash Professional CC is the world’s leading multimedia 2D animation authoring program used for creating content for the Adobe Engagement Platform, such as web animation and applications, cartoons, games, presentations and movies, and content for mobile phones, tablets and other embedded devices

  • Basic computer knowledge and skills in Mac or PC.
  • Knowledge in any graphic design application can in be an advantage.
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • References Materials (PDF)
  • Software Evaluation Copy
  • Other Add-ons

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Flash Animation
  • Dissecting The Flash’s Interface
  • Customizing Flash’s Workspace
  • Using the Drawing and Color Tools
  • Animation 101 (Frame by Frame Animation)
  • Shape Tweening
  • Symbols and Instances
  • Filters and Blend Modes
  • Classic Tweening
  • Motion Tweening
  • Working with Bitmaps
  • Animating with the burn tool
  • Animating with Flash preset animations
  • Creating Buttons
  • Movie Clips
  • ActionScript Basics and Behaviors
  • Working with Text
  • Integrating Sound
  • Components and Forms
  • Video in Flash
  • Publishing and Exporting your Animation
  • Flash Video Player
  • Integration with other Web Development Applications

Course Fee: P8,000

Returning Student Discount

Less: P2,500

New Student Discount

Less: P2,000

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