Our Advantage!

The 1st Training Center to offer CMS Web Development and CCTV Courses in the Philippines

This is where it all started… Our Founder “Henry N. Ong II“ is highly recognized as the pioneer of CMS Web Development and CCTV Security Surveillance Training in the Philippines since 2006.

Unmatched Credibility and Experience

Our years of experience in teaching is unparalleled, about 85% of Government Websites running on CMS platform got their training from us, such agencies includes: Malacanang, PHIVOLCS, NEDA, DOE, LTO, PNP, Philippine Navy, PCSO, PAGCOR, Bureau of Immigration, etc.

Unlimited Free Refresher Course

In-line with our mission statement, students who have previously taken a course at our center are automatically entitled to a free refresher class.

Certified and Experienced Trainers

In pursuit of quality, we at Inventive Media guarantees that all training courses offered at our center are only carried out by qualified and experienced professionals who have worked in their specialized fields for many years.

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Licensed Applications

In compliance to the requirements of the Bureau of Software Alliances, we at Inventive Media made sure to only use licensed applications from our Windows Operating System down to our Multimedia Applications such as Adobe and Corel. On the other other hand, applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, MySQL, PFSense are all Open-source and do not require licenses.